718 Montana | 22 Month Flip

The Story

A local wholesaler had found this property through door-knocking and needed help getting under contract correctly and running title. There were many problems from, surveys to inherency issues. The parents had passed away and left the 7 kids to fight amongst themselves. With 1 of them dead and another one in jail, it made it a little more complicated than usual. We still got it resolved.

The afterward the wholesaler was willing to walk away for $20K. We decided to run our numbers on the property which is located in an up and coming neighborhood of Denver Heights in downtown San Antonio.

We reached out to a close friend and investor who has a ton of experience rehabbing in these areas and he was nice enough to share his contractor with us. After walking the full property with the contractor they gave us a bid for $135K. With ARVs in the $280K range, we felt comfortable enough to proceed.

We bought it for $60k paying the wholesaler $17K.

The demo started off fine. But as soon as they need to start rebuilding, boy-o-boy that's when the problems started.

Long story short, we fired them and brought on new contractors. Our $135K budget went up to $185K!

The house was originally around 700sqft and we made it 1600sqft 3/2.

The back unit was completely remodeled and we re-oriented the entry door to the right of the house.

Some special features were:

✅ Concrete countertops

✅ Reused shiplap on the living room ceiling and office wall

✅ Taller windows in the front of the house

✅ Window over the master shower

✅ Windows high up in the living room and kitchen to avoid looking at the neighbors

✅ Repurposed dresser as master bath vanity.

✅ Privacy fence all around.

✅ New landscaping

✅ Private entrance to back house for rental potential

To listen to this full story check out the Case Study of our 22 Month Nightmare - 781 Montana

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