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The Journey
Lessons and Tips about investing

How We Do More Deals Through Partnering – AIJ007
EP-007 In this episode, we cover how to we do more deals by Partnering with the right people. What we[...]
Resolving An Issue With A Contractor
In this podcast we talk about how we had to Resolve An Issue With A Contractor. Not everything works out[...]
San Antonio Real Estate Market Trends Interview | May ’18
San Antonio Real Estate Market Trends Interview| May '18 Our Co-Founder recently did an interview with Hilco Homes to go[...]
Putting Together A Scope Of Work – AIJ006
EP-006 In this episode, we cover how to we put together a Scope of Work for your rehabs What we[...]
Why Flippers and Wholesalers Are NOT Real Investors
Listen to this podcast to see why many investors don't consider flippers and wholesalers to be REAL investors. If you[...]
How To Hire Contractors – AIJ005
EP-005 In this episode, we cover how to Hire Contractors for your rehabs What we will cover in this episode:[...]
Texas Real Estate Market Trends | April ’18
Texas Real Estate Market Trends | April '18 We recently attended a workshop hosted by StepStone Realty (the only Investor/Agent[...]
March ’18 Real Estate Market Update
San Antonio Real Estate Market Trends | March '18 SLIDES: What you will learn: • Average Sale Price • Median[...]
A Rant About “Investor Friendly” Contractors
This is by far the worst thing I hear from new investors. There's no such thing as an "investor friendly"[...]
Out Of State Investing
Investing out of state has become more common now than ever before. There are a lot more resources available to[...]
How To Do Door Knocking With Success – AIJ004
EP-004 In this episode, we cover how to succeed with Door Knocking Here we cover: ~Why Door Knocking is so[...]
How To Succeed With Direct Mail Marketing – AIJ003
EP-003 In this episode, we cover how to succeed with Direct Mail Marketing Here we cover why you should use[...]
Why Most People Fail In Real Estate Investing – AIJ002
EP-002 In this episode, we cover why people get into real estate investing. Why real estate is NOT a low[...]
Why We Started An Investor’s Journey Podcast – AIJ001
EP -001 Having been in the real estate space pretty much our whole lives we have seen first hand the[...]
How To Understand The San Antonio Market
We have been asked a lot within our networks as to what our opinion is on the San Antonio market[...]

Who We Are

Jonatan Barbera | Co-Founder 

Jonatan was raised in New York where he learned about construction from a very young age by working at his families construction company. After High School he worked for his families company renovating over 1,000 properties. He then decided to pursue real estate investing. He has been in the real estate investment since 2012. In 2015 he met John Barr at a local networking event and decide that together they will be able to get a lot more done than alone. Since then they have handled hundreds of different real estate transaction from which you will learn about in their Investors Journey. Their ultimate goal in real estate is to build a company that brings the benefits and opportunities that real estate provides to main street.

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John T. Barr III | Co-Founder 

John was raised in Kansas which after receiving multiple degrees in construction management he decided to move to San Antonio and worked in large scale construction. After doing a house hack with the first property he ever bought he started to realize the potentials of investing in real estate. In 2015 he decided to quit his job and go full-time with real estate. Soon after he met Jonatan and decided to combine forces. Since he made the leap he has become a licensed real estate agent, managed many rehabs, acquired rentals, and has even become a captain at the realty company he holds his license with, StepStone Realty. You will also here about his Journey and what they are up to now.

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