Success all depends on the 
second letter
Our Promise
Over the course of this 12 week program we will help you find, negotiate, contract, and wholesale most properties property. But your success is 100% up to you. If you’re not willing to put in the work, you will not succeed.
Course Outline (Subject to change)

Intro to Wholesaling

Week 1
• Why Real Estate Investing?
• The progression of your investment       journey
• What is wholesaling
• Real estate investing lingo
• Power of networking
• Building your buyers list

Setting up for long-term success

Week 2
• How to achieve long lasting results
• How to prepare for scalability
• Your credibility is everything
• The magic of partnering


Week 3
• Purpose of marketing
• Don’t follow others success
• Different types of marketing
• Marketing strategies
• Tracking
• Tools

Driving For Dollars

Week 4
• Why you MUST perfect this
• Finding the right neighborhoods to drive
• Prep Work
• On the field driving

Cleaning A List

Week 5
• Why should you always clean a list
• Using BCAD
• What to look for
• Setting up a campaign for Cold Calling

Cold Calling and Texting

Week 6
• Why everyone NEEDS to do this
• The 4 Keys to Cold Calling Success
• Cold Calling Scripts
• Campaign Setup
• Follow ups with text

Property Analysis

Week 7
• BCAD Research
• Flood Zones
• Learning to run CMAs
• Learning to run RMAs
• Determining ARV
• Understanding DOM
• Using Zillow correctly
• What type of deal is it?

Property Visits

Week 8
• How to set one up
• Proper Apparel
• Tools to take
• Purpose of the appointment
• Taking pictures
• Learn the magic question to ask…


Week 9
• Why you shouldn’t look at it as a negotiation
• Right and wrong ways to negotiate
• Determine TRUE motivation
• NEVER negotiate price
• Same side of the table technique
• Vacant homes


Week 10
• Using Guru contracts
• Understanding the TREC for Wholesaling
• Filling one out
• What is Option Money?
• What is Earnest Money?
• Who pays for what?
• When is closing?
• When are keys handed over?
• Addendums
• Amendments

Assigning a Contract

Week 11
• Determine your fee
• Marketing it
• Working with title
• Working with the buyer
• Double close
• Daisy chain
• You’re not done until it’s CLOSED

Other Strategies

Week 12
• Different ways to sell the same contract
• Fix and Flip Buyers
• Buy and Hold Buyers
• Owner Finance Buyers
• Sub-to
• Wraps
• Short Sales
• Listings

Apprentice Application

  • Personal Info

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Real Estate Education

  • Current Employment

  • Commitment Needed

  • Goals

Success all depends on the second letter

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