Before You Leave Your House Vacant Watch This | 5 Must-Follow Tips

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PRYME Homes Β· Before You Leave Your House Vacant Watch This | 5 Must-Follow Tips

Is your property going to be sitting empty for a while?

You must do these 5️⃣ Tips to make sure you PROTECT your investment!

We will share with you the steps we take BEFORE we decide to leave a house vacant.

This can affect you when you're listing a flipped home for sale, or when you're waiting for a property you're selling to close, or when you just bought a property but are not starting renovations for some time, or when you have a rental that's taking a while to rent.


βœ…When to prepare your house for sitting vacant
🎯 TIP #1 Leave the Fridge OPEN
🎯 TIP #2 Leave Cabinets OPEN
🎯 TIP #3 Shut-off Power To The House
🎯 TIP #4 Shut-off The Water
🎯 TIP #5 LOCK All Doors AND Windows and Close The Blinds
⚑ POWER TIP! Talk To Your Neighbors


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