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PRYME Homes · Before You Quit Your Job For Real Estate Investing Watch This!

This year has been a VERY tough year for many people with a job.

You simply want to take back control of your life and finances, and to go full-time with real estate investing seems like the best option.

Well, I’m here to tell you, many have tried, and most have failed!

In this episode, I will show you what you MUST do before you quit your job, so you don’t make this the WORST decision of your life!

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It makes perfect sense that you would look elsewhere for something better and in YOUR control.

So, let me ask you, do you think, if this were this easy and lucrative, there wouldn’t be so many that fail?

Why do you think it is that they fail? Lack of Knowledge? Lack of Money? How about lack of patience?

Well, the answer is all of the above!

I’m going to show you how to tackle each one to make sure you don’t become another failed wannabe investor that needs to go back to their job.

Before I do, let me be VERY CLEAR… real estate will be your new job! The difference is you will have to put in more time, and you won’t receive a guaranteed check every week for merely showing up. Shit, you may not receive any checks for MONTHS! So don’t kid yourself into thinking this is a simple decision.



Flipping FULL-TIME (60HRS+)


Buy and Hold PART-TIME (40HRS)

Owner Finance PART-TIME (40HRS)



1. Lack of Knowledge

This is the biggest problem most face and most NEVER move forward from here.

But it’s not because there’s a lack of information. It’s more because there’s a lack of FOCUS and discipline.

1. Don’t buy expensive training/mentorships.

a. Most fail here because they blow all their savings here.

b. Or you think because you spent so much, you should not have to work as hard.

2. Doing is more important than reading.

a. The trap of analysis paralysis.

b. You won’t learn every single way to get a deal done.

c. Failing = learning

3. You must be willing to sacrifice “profit” for knowledge.

a. When you’re new, you must be a SPONGE

b. If you’re always chasing money, you’ll only learn to be behind it.


2. Lack of Money

You do need money to buy deals, do marketing, and survive.

1. You cannot replace your job with real estate on day ONE.

2. Budget not just your living expenses but also your real estate investing expenses.

3. It does not always have to be YOUR money!

3. Lack of Patience

Many stop just shy of success.

1. It would be best if you were building something that will last. This takes time.

2. Experience must be earned, not taught.

3. Lack of patience leads to terrible deals.

I hope this helps. Happy Investing!


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