August 13, 2020

Tips From The Pros | Before You Renovate Your Next House Watch This | Seth Teel

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Tips From The Pros | Before You Renovate Your Next House Watch This | Seth Teel

⚠️ If you're doing or thinking of doing any renovations and/or new builds you MUST understand the PERMITTING PROCESS!

This is isn't "nice to know" information. This is a MUST KNOW!

In this episode, we had on Seth Teel with Somos Real Estate. Seth is a Broker, investor, and developer here in San Antonio.

📝 Show notes and Links 📝

⚡️ Why pull permits?

⚡️ What do you need to pull them?

⚡️ Can you still pull permits as the owner?

⚡️ What the process looks like?

⚡️ Pulling permits for new construction

⚡️ Permits in Historic areas

🔗 Links

Building Code -

Find or Become A Licensed Contractor -

Is Your Property In A Flood Plain?

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