Coffee With The Joh(n)s Ep 8 | Trending News That Impacts You

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PRYME Homes · Coffee With The Johns Ep 8 ☕️ | Trending News That Impacts YOU! | An Investors Journey


✅  High Delinquencies in All Major Texas Metros

✅  OpenDoor Lost $118M In First Half of 2020!

✅  Turning Dead Malls Into Warehouses

✅  PPP Forgiveness?

✅  Jobless Claims Jump

✅  Maybe Getting the 2nd Stimulus 

✅  Zoom Continues Dominance

This new segment of An Investors Journey is here to bring you RELEVANT news and trends that affect you and your business!

Every Friday morning we will be going LIVE to discuss:

⚡️Current Real Estate News Affecting Your Investments

⚡️New Tactics We're Learning And Strategies That Work NOW

⚡️Q&A To Answer ANY Question You May Have About Real Estate Investing

The 2020 real estate market has been changing so quickly since the pandemic happened. By going LIVE on Youtube every Friday we'll be able to bring the freshest news with some added commentary 😉

🚨Also, because of the crisis, we have NOT been able to get out there and network like we used to. So many of you have been wanting to ask us questions, well now you can. EVERY FRIDAY!!

If you're worried about a housing crash, we'll spot it before it hits.

🔗 LINKS On What Was Talked About

📰 10 metros most threatened by high numbers of FHA delinquencies

📰 Opendoor discloses that it’s under federal investigation

📰 Turning a dead mall into a warehouse will slash its value as much as 90%, Barclays predicts

📰 SBA and Treasury Announce Simpler PPP Forgiveness for Loans of $50,000 or Less

📰 Jobless claims jump, hitting highest level since mid-August

📰 Sen. Warren slams Disney for layoffs, executives' salaries

📰 Trump indicates he's willing to increase his stimulus offer to Democrats beyond $1.8 trillion, saying he wants to 'go big or go home'

📰 WHO warns against COVID-19 lockdowns due to economic damage

📰 Zoom will start letting people host online events with paid admission

📰 King of Podasts Selling His Pad – Experience Joe Rogan’s Cali Home For $3.2 Million

📰 Howard Stern in negotiations with Sirius XM on $120M annual deal ... as his current contract expires at year's end

📰 People are out VOTING!!


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