***MUST WATCH*** Tips From The Pros | Creative Crash Deal Structuring | Steve Carlson

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PRYME Homes · ***MUST WATCH*** Tips From The Pros | Creative Crash Deal Structuring | Steve Carlson

Tips From The Pros | Creative Crash Deal Structuring | Steve Carlson

**Our goal with these episodes is to share with you in these uncertain times not only what the seasoned investors are seeing but also what strategies they recommend will work the best.

The best part of these interviews is that they are... LIVE! This means you can join us and ask any questions you may have.

Show Notes

On Tuesday's interview, we brought on Steve Carlson. What an impressive guy! He SHOCKED us with the tips he shared!

  • He has been investing since 1992!
  • He has purchased over 450 homes
  • Has Borrowed over $29 Million... and paid it back!
  • Amazing at Creative deal structuring
  • Intense focus on maximizing the return of every deal and creating cash now, cash flow and cash later opportunities.
  • Portfolio of fix and flips, rental properties and owner financed notes

Key Philosophies:  1) Focus 2) Integrity 3) Treat people right.

We covered:

  • Why he switched from being an engineer to a real estate investor
  • Biggest Challenge getting started
  • How his business and way of investing evolved
  • How's COVID affect his business and changes he's made to prepare
  • The difference between investing and flipping
  • What is creative deal structuring
  • What does a creative deal look like (This will BLOW your mind 🤯)
  • How to learn to do these deals
  • Using OPM
  • What lenders are looking for
  • How to find them now
  • The three buckets you NEED

This episode is full of amazing tips that you WILL NOT learn anywhere else!

Listen to this again and again!

Don't miss our LIVE Tips From The Pros as we continue to bring you people with decades of experience sharing their unbelievable wisdom.

As always, if you have any questions just ask!


Where To Find Him

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteveCarlson.TX

Email: steve@solutionhousebuyers.com


We have walkthrough videos of projects we have done and are currently working on. We share our scopes, pricing, strategies, problems, and successes. Check them out here http://bit.ly/PropWalkthrough

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