Don't Let The Corona Virus Change You

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These past couple of weeks has been some of the most difficult weeks for many of us.

We have seen the market take a huge hit. We've seen mass panic in the supermarkets. We've seen many major events and venues close down. All because we have a virus that is currently spreading throughout the world and no one seems to know how long it will last or how to stop it.

By no means are we trying to solve this problem for you. All we want to do is help you understand that you can control how you react to this crisis.

Are you going to join everyone and panic? Or are you going to get educated and find ways of being a role model for people to follow in your community?

In this episode, we'll share the 6 things you should not do and the 6 things you should.

6 Things You Should Not Do

  1. Don't watch the news
  2. Don't be a headline reader
  3. Avoid large crowds
  4. Don't panic
  5. Don't add to the tensions that already are running high
  6. Don't stick your head in the ground

6 Things You Should Do

  1. Buy what you need and not 15 packages of toilet paper
  2. Be considerate of others
  3. Take the necessary precautions
  4. Fear is eliminated through Education and Preparation
  5. Keep cash on hands
  6. Take care of your health both physical and mental

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