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The Ultimate 
Guide To 
Flipping Houses Successfully

Flip Houses With Confidence
Learn how to really flipping houses really works from real investors. We hold nothing back! We cover everything we have learned while flipping houses and growing our investment business.
Why Flipping?


We like to start by stressing how important mindset is when flipping houses. Many people underestimate the mindset that is required to succeed in flipping houses. 
This usually leads them to losing a lot of money and failing in their journey.

Who Is Flipping Houses For?

Flipping houses is for someone that loves real estate!

Flipping houses is a FULL-TIME job. This is why you need to love it. You should love everything you do in life. After all we only get one to live. 

Flipping is not an exception.

This business is very hard and extremely stressful. 

Please don't think for one moment that this is not a business. You MUST run it like one at all times. 

As a business, there are a lot of parts of it that are extremely boring but must be done. This is why loving what you do matters.

The musts:

You must be willing to roll up your sleeves when a deal goes bad.
You have to be prepared to drive all over town to buy materials.
You must be ready to check on your projects everyday.
You must be ready to fire your contractor a week before the job needs to be done.
You must be ready to personally manage every project.
You must be ready to run your own books.
You must have a background in investing in real estate or a great partner.
We will break down all of these musts as we go through this guide.

Who is flipping houses NOT for

This is not for people that think this is easy money. We see many people get into flipping because they think they will be rich! If you're getting into this business because of money, trust us, there are easier ways. 
This not for people who already have a full-time job. You need to be ready to go put out any fire at any given time of day. We mean metaphorical fires, real fires should be handled by the fire department.
This not for you to live your HGTV fantasies! We get that you watch the shows and they make it seem like it's easy. That even though everything goes wrong they still make money.
Real life doesn't work like that. Sometimes things go wrong and you can lose tens of thousands of dollars.


There are 3 main parts to every deal.


Being able to make that deal profitable.


Having the money to fund the deal.


Finding the property the will be perfect for a flip.

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