How to Beat Your Competition In Real Estate Investing

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PRYME Homes · How to Beat Your Competition In Real Estate Investing

Learn the 3 PROVEN POWERFUL TIPS on how to beat your competition.

I'm sure you've been wondering why so many people seem to be killing it in real estate investing while you’re barely hanging on! 😒

Is not hard to find someone on FB or Instagram that seems to be getting more deals, or more money for their flips, or just overall doing tremendously better.

😁 Well, there’s a way that you can BEAT these people regardless of how small you are.

By the end of this video, you will know your plan of attack and how to execute it to achieve TOTAL DOMINATION! 😎💪


There 3 POWERFUL TIPS 💪 that will secure your domination in this industry!

1️⃣ Mind Your Business! (7 Things To keep in Mind)

  1. Am I wasting time watching how others are succeeding? Why do I care?
  2. You don’t know their truth
  3. Remember we’re our own PR agency (we put out what we want)
  4. Focus on what you have going on NOW
  5. Don’t compare your beginning to someone’s middle
  6. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday 
  7. Work on becoming 1% better each day!

2️⃣ Study Your Competition! ...but you said to mind my business. 

     ▪ Let’s face it they maybe actually know something that you don’t (NO EGO)

     ▪ Are they sharing their knowledge?

     ▪ What are they doing that’s bringing them value?

     ▪ The goal is to find out if there’s something you’re not thinking of


     ▪ The best have not become the best by luck

     ▪ Don’t hesitate

     ▪ Become a ferocious student of your trade You will NEVER know everything.

     ▪ Just do it


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