How To Flip During A Crisis | AIJ044

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In episode 44 we will be covering How To Flip During A Crisis!

A lot of you are wondering, "Should I be flipping right now?"

Well, we are!

But, there are a few things we are giving extra consideration too while we flip.

Here are the 5 Keys to keep in mind when flipping during a crisis:

Key#1: Get the RIGHT Financing

Key#2: Target the RIGHT Price Point

Key#3: Target the RIGHT Neighborhood

Key#4: Buy and Sell at the RIGHT Price

Key#5: QUALITY Matters

If you follow these keys, you will be fine when flipping your next project.

A bad market doesn't mean you stop investing, it just means you must be smarter about the investments you do.

Bad markets get rid of bad investors. Don't be a bad investor.

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