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In this episode 34 of An Investors Journey Podcast, we'll cover How To Get Free Mentoring!

Between all of the TV shows, radio ads, and wannabes on Facebook there are more and more people trying to get into real estate investing. We agree that it's an amazing avenue to be in for those of you that love the business.

If this is you then the next challenge you will face is getting the needed education.

The best and fastest way to learn is through a great mentor. Someone that knows your business, what you're going through, and how to get you to where you want to be.

The issue is many of you are going about it all wrong! 


By PAYING for it!!

There are 3 Keys points we will discuss how to get the right mentor for FREE!

Key #1- What's happening in the education space TODAY?

  • Gurus teaching OLD tactics
  • No personalized education
  • Overcharging for basic education

Key #2- All you need is BASIC education.

  • Worry about learning the vocabulary not the specific "How-tos"
  • Become a ferocious student of the trade
  • You can do this with less than $100

Key #3- How to get a Mentor for FREE! There 3 ways to do this.

  1. Have the TIME
  2. Bring the DEAL
  3. Bring the MONEY

Key take away "The More You Give The More You Will Get Back"

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