How To Succeed In 2020

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In this episode of An Investors Journey Podcast, we'll be sharing How To Succeed In 2020.

As we end 2019 it is customary for everyone to reflect on the previous year and set their new intentions for the coming year.

The issue we have seen is that for many of us years go by without you achieving any of your goals. This causes many of us to lose motivation which causes us to lose momentum, which leads to many years of disappointment.

We want to see if we can help you change that this year!

Our way of looking at it is for you to dig down deep and determine what TRULY matters to you and not what you think you "should" want. (We expand further in the episode.)

As Bill Gates said, "Most overestimate what they can do in one year, but underestimate what they can do in ten!"

This very powerful! When looking at your life try to determine what you would like your purpose to be in life. Then reverse engineer it, and pick ONE thing this next year that you will commit, without fail, to doing.

Listen to the FULL episode to hear how we do it and some tips that may help.

Hope you enjoy this episode and please reach out with any thoughts or questions.



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