How We Did Our First Wholetail


In this episode, we're sitting with John and going over our first wholetail. Which we later realized that this actually was our second in the past year.

We cover how we found it, negotiated it, and evaluated what strategy we were going to use.

What we love about real estate is that there are so many different ways to take down a deal. Which is why we always say that you CAN NOT be a one trick pony. It's fine to focus on one thing when you start off and become really good at it (which is what we did when we started. We focused on wholesaling rentals). But you should start trying to learn other strategies so when a deal presents itself you can take full advantage and not pass it up.

We will also go over why we decided to wholetail it instead of flipping it. We understand that it's very attractive to flip houses. But the goal of this business is to make money and be smart. Sometimes flipping isn't the smart route.

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Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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