It's Not Your Contractors Fault That... - AIJ019

In Episode 19 of An Investors Journey, we go over It's Not Your Contractors Fault That... You're CHEAP!

We get so many investors asking how to find good contractors. They keep saying that contractors screw them over and overcharge. So, we decided to put this together to cover WHY IT"S YOUR FAULT!

We will cover:

~Flipping houses is a serious business

~Stop being lazy

~Don't believe all of these "Facebook" superstars that are actually not doing anything

~Flipping houses is NOT a part-time business

~Managing Contractors expectations

~Partnering with investors that are SUCCESSFULLY flipping houses in TODAYS market

~Manage the quality of the finishes that go in

~Why it's OK to seek help

~Someone on your team needs to know what to do

~Getting burnedĀ is apart of the job, stop being so sensitive and learn

~Why you must be showing up daily to your projects

~If you can't do it, find someone that can

~Someone that's NOT the contractor needs to be looking after your project

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Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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