November 1, 2020

Sellers Are Back In The Market | October 2020 San Antonio Real Estate Market Update

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October 2020 San Antonio Real Estate Market Update

The pandemic caused a lot of homeowners to NOT sell their homes... yet!

But, as you'll see in this month's San Antonio Real Estate Market Update, they are back! And they're making up for the last couple of months!

The housing market has been a complete roller coaster!

Real estate leads have become harder to find. If you're interested in wholesaling houses, flipping houses, or buy and hold you MUST know what the market is doing.

This information is what helped us make nearly $40K in less than a week on a house we flipped, with very little risk.

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🗒 Show Notes 🗒

⚡️ The Worst Zip Codes To Market
⚡️ Real Estate Marketing Tips
⚡️ San Antonio's Unemployment Rate
⚡️ Months of Inventory in San Antonio
⚡️ San Antonio Rents
⚡️ Medium Home Prices in San Antonio
⚡️ Potential Market Crash

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