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This is another project we purchased from a local wholesaler. When he brought it to us the numbers did not make any sense for us to buy it. But we always like to submit an offer anyway because you just never know. We submitted an offer at about $12K less than what they wanted. They accepted because they needed to get this deal done in order to possibly buy the other one they really wanted from the seller.

This is something we tell so many new wholesalers, "why risk losing the deal and waste the sellers time just because you feel you "deserve" more?" Fortunately, this wholesaler didn't think that way.

The house is currently around 1060sqft. It has a Breezeway that you can see in the pictures below. A breezeway is where the house and the laundry room are disconnected. We're going to connect them and add much-needed square footage to increase the value.

Because of the size of the home, there's really not much you can do inside to make the home really stand out. So, we decided to focus more on creating a really nice outdoor space.

We are removing the back addition (which wasn't done right) and converting that into a screened-in porch. We will also be doing something nice with the landscaping just haven't decided what yet.

Check out the walkthrough videos below to see the progress.

Walk-through Videos

Walkthrough of our next project


What to watch out for when doing a REWIRE

Framing, electrical, fencing, and goats!🐐






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