Should You Start Pulling Permits

In this episode of An Investor's Journey Podcast, we want to cover Should You Start Pulling Permits.

(Sorry I forgot to turn on the mic🤦‍♂️)

About a month ago I came across someone that told me the City of Sa Antonio was starting to really crack down on investors that were not pulling permits on their rehabs. But, because the person told me this wasn't rehabber themselves I didn't really listen. Then last week I heard it again but from a more credible source.

So, I decided to go to Facebook and ask my community what their thoughts and experience was with this.

Boy o boy did I get more than I thought! 100+ comments later it was very clear this was a real issue.

Investors are getting fined left and right full silly things.

Projects are getting shut down.

Lights are getting turned off.

And many projects are getting long delays.

In this episode, we'll cover:

~Why it is needed

~The issues you can face

~The abuse of power from the city

~The solution to this

~The opportunity with this

Here is the link to the Facebook post. READ IT!

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