Sprucewood | In Progress

The Story

A wholesaler whom we've bought a house from before and have partnered on one flip already brought us this one to partner on as well.

This one he got from over a year of cold calling and follow-ups on a code violation list.

On this property, we are opening up the wall between the living room and dining room to give an open concept. We also decided to shrink the patio door from a two-door slider to one door. This will allow us to make the kitchen much bigger and adding more cabinets.

We realized after a week of owning it that the tree in the front was in really bad conditions and we didn't want it to fall on our house so we got it removed. This motivated us to go ahead and clear the back yard as well.

Right now we're in the process of framing and getting everything ready to start making it look pretty.

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Roaches, Grimy Tub, and More

Foundation, Framing, Landscaping, and more




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