The Magic Of Investing In An Opportunity Zone - AIJ018

In Episode 18 of An Investors Journey, we go over The Magic Of Investing In An Opportunity Zone!

We sat in on a class where a local real estate attorney named Nathan Roach spoke about Opportunity Zones.

Because we received many questions about what we learned, we decided to make a podcast on it.

Keep in mind WE have not done a deal in an OZ yet so we don't know exactly what the pitfalls if any, would be.

We will cover:

~Opportunity Zone Funds

~90-percent asset test for opportunity zones

~The ability to invest your gains from ANY investment into an OZ

~Tax advantages for 5 years, 7 years, and 10 years

~Requirements for improving the property with at least the same amount you spent to acquire it.

~You must improve the property within a 30-month time span.

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Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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