The Ugly Truth About Passive Income - AIJ011

In episode 11 of An Investor's Journey Podcast, we will cover the Ugly Truth About Passive Income.

Many investors think that real estate is 100% passive and once you've made the investment you no longer have to worry about it. This so far from the truth. At least. if you care about your investment.

We call this Active Retirement Planning. Even if you're buying for very long term holds you must make sure you're actively managing your properties values, rents, conditions, etc.

Deferred maintenance is one the biggest cause for why most landlords need to sell at steep discounts. This happens with people that try to make investing too passive and dismiss any and all major components.

In this podcast, we cover how we buy our rentals. Our experience comes from analyzing over 300 rental properties and helping other investors acquire their own rentals. We have seen what in our opinion is the right and wrong ways of buying rentals and creating "passive income".

Real estate is the only smart way to build true, long lasting, wealth. But, you must be active an understand what is really involved.

We will also cover why property managers are NOT the answer to "passive income"

Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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