What to Ask Cash Buyers | 8 MUST Ask Questions - Part 2

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PRYME Homes Β· What to Ask Cash Buyers | 8 MUST Ask Questions - Part 2

πŸ—’οΈ SUMMARY πŸ—’οΈ

There are 2 Main Ingredients to wholesaling houses

1. Find Deals

2. Selling those Deals

In PART 2 of the series on How To Find Cash Buyers FROM HOME, I'll show you What to Ask Cash Buyers in order to QUALIFY them SO THEY ALWAYS BUY for TOP DOLLAR!

⚠️ If you missed it here's PART 1 How To FIND Cash Buyers in 2020

πŸ—’ Show Notes πŸ—’

5️⃣ Reasons WHY Quality matters more than Quantity

0:00 Why Quality πŸ’Ž Over Quantity #️⃣

2:07 πŸ’Ž1 - Your Reputation Is ALL You Have

3:23 πŸ’Ž2 - You Must Value Your Time

5:31 πŸ’Ž3 - Laser Focused Marketing

7:01 πŸ’Ž4 - Master Negotiator

8:59 πŸ’Ž5 - Quality, is HOW You Grow A Business

8️⃣ Questions ❓ You MUST Ask Your Cash Buyers

10:27 ❓1 - HOW LONG Have You Been Investing For?

12:05 ❓2 - WHAT Are You Looking For?

13:30 ❓3 - What Are Your TARGET NUMBERS?

14:55 ⚑️POWER TIP!!

16:08 ❓4 - What AREAS Of Town?

17:07 ❓5 - What Is The LEVEL OF REHAB You'll Do?

18:52 ❓6 - What Is Your FUNDING Source? 🀯

23:22 ❓7 - What HOUSE INFO Do You Want?

24:28 ❓8 - What Is The MOST YOU'LL PAY For A Deal? 🀯


26:40 ⚑️ Keeping These Cash Buyers Happy πŸ”‘

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