Which Should You Do First Lead Generation Or Building Buyers List?

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PRYME Homes · Which Should You Do First Lead Generation Or Building Buyers List?

Every new wholesaler starts with MARKETING! What do I do? DM, D4$, CC, SMS, SEO? Who do I target? Probates, Foreclosures, Late Taxes?

Did you know if you build your Buyers List CORRECTLY, you will already have these answers?

In this video, you’ll understand the 3️⃣ Biggest MYTHS out there about how to start with wholesaling houses and why so many new wholesalers never make it!

This episode is part of a series on how How To Build Your Cash Buyers List.


I’m going to BUST through the 3️⃣ Biggest MYTHS that are out there about getting started in wholesaling.

🎁 Stick around to the end as I will share with you a POWERFUL BONUS TIP that will make your business grown substantially!

MYTH #1️⃣: Get a Deal and The Buyers Will Come…

My Response: Ummmm… 🤨
▪But when?
▪After how much spent?
▪How many buyers must you go through?
▪What if you upset the sellers?
▪What if they back out?
▪What if this is NOT a deal?
▪What is a deal?

MYTH #2️⃣: Have a HUGE Buyers List…

My Response: HELLLLLL NO! 🤬
▪Not if you’re trying to build a business
▪Not if you don’t want to spend all day dealing with buyers
▪Not if you want to scale

MYTH #3️⃣: Always Take The Highest Offer

My Response: Depends 🤔
▪Highest isn’t always better
▪What’s the purpose? (Not just money)
▪Should that buyer be the buyer? (Do what’s right)

BONUS TIP: Don’t Purchase A Buyers List or a CRM because they “give” you one. Remember shortcuts lead to short careers. Put in the work and do QUALITY work. I promise you that you will not regret this!


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