Why And HOW We Manage Our Renovations

In this episode of An Investor's Journey Podcast, we want to cover Why And HOW We Manage Our Renovations.

The reason most people do not manage their own renovations is that they're NOT real investors. Most people are playing real estate and think that it's the contractor's responsibility to run the project. Nothing is further from the truth!

Why do we manage our projects?


We do this by doing:

~Quality Control

~Speed Management

How we do this?

We created our own Excel spreadsheet. DOWNLOAD HERE http://bit.ly/PRYMEProjectTracker

In this spreadsheet we track:



~Finances(Money cost, projections vs real cost, Surplus/Shortages)

The reason we track EVERYTHING is that you simply don't want too much project left at the end of your money. In short, you don't want to run out of money before you can complete your project.

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Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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